The Garden

Well, friends. The melon season is upon us. We’re gratefully up to our ears in watermelons and muskmelons. Many of them are volunteers from last year that popped up and decided to grace us with a mouthwatering treat. Before this season, I had never heard of a muskmelon. Even though they look like a cantaloupe on the outside, they are green like a honeydew and just as sweet and delicious.

Our tomatoes are just as prolific at the moment. We’re growing four or five different kinds of heirloom tomatoes and three varieties of small tomatoes, which are so good that I tend to snack on them while I’m harvesting.

I’m so thankful to our good and gracious God for the gift of having food to harvest and to eat and to share; and Ram, Mon and Tila are so thankful to those who purchase our produce and to the church for allotting them this land that is a sanctuary to all who work it.

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