Well, friends. The melon season is upon us. We’re gratefully up to our ears in watermelons and muskmelons. Many of them are volunteers from last year that popped up and decided to grace us with a mouthwatering treat. Before this season, I had never heard of a muskmelon. Even though they look like a cantaloupe […]

                    Click on this link to see a video of Clarkston’s Young Burundi Drummers. These talented young people reside in Clarkston as refugees from Burundi. They have dedicated many hours to become the amazing Burundi Drummers. I wish you could have seen the smiles on their […]

The Clarkston Farmer’s Market is not just a day of selling our garden produce and roasting under that blazing Georgia sun, but it’s also and more importantly a wonderful and diverse and much-needed social event. The farmers, artists, bakers and cooks take enormous pride in their amazing produce, unique jewelry and delicious homemade treats; and […]

This summer we have seen a community of children grow together around a hope for peace. We learned six principles of nonviolence (adapted from the Martin Luther King Jr. principles). 1. Brave people live in peace 2. A loving community makes a peaceful world 3. Fight bad things not bad people 4. Be peaceful when […]

God has ministered to me through these words from Brother Jean Vanier the past couple days. I hope they might minister to you and your community today. Thanks be to God for our life together. Peace friends. Jean Vanier: On Community COMMUNITY AND FREEDOM Community is the place where we ideally learn to be ourselves […]

Guns into Toys

So much to learn from the children around us. God bless our friend Lucas, and the art he created. Because God will have peace for Creation!

Come visit Thimphu Refugee Garden’s stand at the Clarkston Farmer’s Market this Sunday, July 29, 11.30-3.30!

Peace Playground is a place where we play, sing and feast on the gift that is community. Every Wednesday night at 6:30 at the Lakes apartments in Clarkston, Northlakers and neighborhood kids have been meeting in order to learn to live and love in a peaceful world together. We have talked about how peacemaking makes […]

A Student’s Reflections on a Refugee Ministry Immersion Experience: “Like most in the youth group, I have spent much of my summers during the past few years in the City of Clarkston – an extremely diverse community made up of refugees from all corners of the earth – doing Sidewalk Sunday School and Tutoring. Through […]

Our days here are marked with life’s most ordinary moments. We orient ourselves by our neighbor’s smiles, and by sharing a few moments’ gladness with those we see. We are directed by our times around dinner tables, our walks down the street, and by sitting with a book by the sidewalk. Life here is simply, […]